The Clone Troopers
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partner reviewers !!!!!!!  Join today

partner reviewers!!!          join today
join the OMEGA REVIEWERS HERES the link and we review starwars figures join this first
join the partner reviewers group after u apply to be apartner reviewer

these are requirements u need to be a partner reviewer

1. can not hate starwars
2.must have a youtube account and must be a starwars reviewer
3. must have a working email account
4.must have a skype account click on (the contact me button to find out my skype name )
5.must come to partner reviewer gathering  each wedsenday and Friday me or contact me thorugh facebook or youtube
7.there are no specific times made for the gathering times only the days
8. if u meet the requirements you can join partner reviewers!!

Current partner reviewers 

1.  jedi342

2.  codelyokofanwilliam
3. carson /romien 4 

down below you can apply to become a partner reviewer submit information