The Clone Troopers

this is the whats new on my site section

here is whats new
1. i added pages to my site so its more organized
2.Partner reviewers will be starting soon
3.i will have my own domain in 3 weeks !
4.i added a contact me button
5. started a website blog
6.made a videos section
7.made a clone trooper pictures section
8.i have adds (i always had adds on my site lol) i have adds on all of my pages can download cool clone trooper pictures on my site
10.everything is in more color and cool and i have google friend connect on my site thanks to my good friend codelyokofanwilliam
11.thats all for now.

12. will be adding more contact me options
13. i added a contact me options and added new stuff to my site 
14.changed website U.R.L from return of the clone to now , The clonetroopers website forum on homepage